Kunshan Retech Electronics Co. Ltd. was founded in February 2003, has advanced processing and testing equipment, the design of R & D, Department of science and technology enterprises, modern equipment manufacturing development, mainly to provide production line automation for all kinds of enterprises, modular precision equipment and related tooling, test fixture ,design and manufacture of precision parts. Committed to helping our customers to improve product quality and production efficiency. For many years of service in electronic communications, automotive electronics, medical equipment, household appliances and other industries, has a rich experience of design team, provide a guarantee to provide better solutions and high-quality products and services to our customers. Companies adhering to the "pragmatic innovation, excellence, quality first, customer satisfaction, harmony and win-win" business philosophy, in order to obtain the majority of customers and the industry more advanced support and recognition, and achieve common development. We sincerely welcome friends to visit, study, guidance and business contact.


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Kunshan company

Kunshan Zhang Pu Zhang Gudai German industrial park road no. 11

Hangzhou branch

Xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province of shushan street no. 151 stream head yellow community

Chongqing branch

地址 : Address: fuli city, shapingba district, chongqing university 2) 17-7, 13 / floor

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